Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing this?  With everything I have going on in my life, do I need something more to do?  I love to write.  No, it’s actually that I am driven and feel compelled to write.  For some reason, the best way I can process my thoughts, pour out my heart to God and keep from going crazy is to journal and write.  I love God and I love His Word the Bible, and I have thoughts to share about God and His Word often.  I have so much on my heart and I want to share it with others.  I tend to be very transparent. I have a strong desire that the hard things I am going through in life, and the insights God gives me in response, might somehow help someone else along the way.  God’s Word says that He allows His people to suffer hard things in order that we might then be able to comfort someone else going through a hard thing.  I also feel compelled by God’s Word, and my deep desire that everyone I know and love will be able to live a beautiful, blissful eternal life, and not the horrible unthinkable alternative, to share the gospel, the good news that God has made a way for us to be made right with and be at peace with Him.  I have managed to actually complete only a very few of my writing projects over the years.  I’ve decided to try to create one place to collect my writings and self publications to make them more easily available to others who might benefit from or desire them.  My hope is that this blog site will become a resource for my friends, loved ones, and especially for my grandchildren.

I am setting a couple rules and boundaries for myself.  Although I may, with God’s wisdom and direction, be transparent about my own life, I intend to be mindful to protect the private details of others in my life, and will not share about them without their permission. I also intend to always, always pray for wisdom in what I share and to ask God to really check me before I publish anything here.  And I tend to write very long, long things and I am hoping God will help me learn to be shorter and more concise when possible.

Dear God:  I consecrate this writing/journaling/sharing blog to You and for Your glory.  Please guide me in this new effort.  Thanks for helping me get the courage to attack WordPress this morning and for making that tool available to me.  Protect me and help me to share, write, and do what You want me to do.  Give me the health and energy to share what You desire.  Draw the readers You desire to my work.  Keep me true to Your Word and if I ever make mistakes or mess up in any way, please forgive me and cover me.  Please protect my readers and always guide them into Your truth.  If I should ever suffer persecution for staying true to You and Your Word, please give me the strength and grace to endure it.  Your best and perfect will be done in my life and in the life of any readers you bring me.  Even if this turns out to be a tool just for You and I to fellowship together in, the time will not be wasted.  Even if I completely mess it up and can’t figure out how to work this computer program, at least I will have tried.  I believe we only fail when we refuse to try with the tools you have given us and as we ask for your help.  So I am going to try my best for you Lord and I do ask for Your help.  I love you my Lord my God.

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