Prayer for Thirst

Why God, is it so hard to turn to You first and best in life? Why do I feel lonely when You are living within me and constantly available 24/7 to listen to me share my heart and to speak to me through Your Word? Teach me better discipline over my mind and heart. Cause me to come to You daily, my Living Water, to quench my relentless thirst.  But please be gentle Lord. For I know I usually come to You best when hard things strike and I am in need.  Teach me to come to You on the hard days, but even more on the easy days, and everything in between.

Do any of us Jesus believers ever love You enough God? I want to love You more. Your Word says Love = Obedience. I want to know You more, and I want You to know me more. Your Word says that if You don’t really know us, but we just say that we know You, that is like how the demons believe and it is not a saving faith. I want to know You even if it is through the fellowship of sufferings, and I want You to know me more through my obedience to Your Word, and Your commands are not burdensome.  This is beyond my ability.  I need you to change my stubborn, stupid heart more and more each day. You’ve asked me to simply move my body more–no matter how lousy I feel, and I feel pretty lousy this morning.  My lazy flesh balks.  Please help me obey Your call to exercise my body.  And then help me to even learn how to discipline my mind to pray while I exercise. If I succeed, it will be by Your grace and by Your transforming power.  I ask for this today dear Lord.  Teach me to love  myself enough to exercise and care for my body so I might be stronger and able to serve others around me.

Remind me and teach me to praise You, repent of my sin, thank You, petition for myself first and intercede for all the great needs around me. Direct my mind to intercede for those people You want me to pray for today. I know I can’t be an “important” person today, the way the world values success or worth.  But who knows what great things You great God might accomplish for others because I was faithful to pray for them? Oh, make me thirst for Your presence, for Your power unleashed through prayer, and for the opportunity, privilege and responsibility to PRAY.

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