Soul Safety

A friend recently died. Someone made a comment to me about the souls of believers after death being “disembodied” waiting for resurrection day. It sounded negative and so not comforting. I think that person may have misspoken (which is so easy to do) or maybe it was just the way it struck me in the moment when I was pretty sick, down, and exhausted. So this morning I’ve been reading some articles about views based on the Bible about what happens to the souls of believers after death prior to Christ’s second coming. This article (see the link below) is in line with my view and makes the most sense from my understanding of the Bible. Like Paul, I long for my soul to be present with the Lord in Paradise, which is a “temporary heaven”, where I will be separate from my body, but with my soul alive and well with Christ. If I die before Christ’s return, my soul will be waiting in Paradise with Christ for Christ’s righteous judgment day after His second coming, and the New Heaven and the New Earth, which is the final heaven where I will live in my new perfect resurrection body. Believers–we have nothing to fear in death. It won’t be some weird disembodied bummer as we await Christ’s second coming. After death, the souls of believers are safe and present with Jesus. My friend in her suffering in old age and illness expressed to me her complete faith in and hope of being safe with Jesus in Paradise. She was ready to meet Jesus by grace. She was/is right. She is with Jesus now as I write this in memory of her. Unbelievers–I hope you will consider your eternal destiny before it is too late. Praying for all my loved ones. For all my family, friends, acquaintances, and new readers, that includes you.


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