Hebrews Prayers

12/20/19 – I have been meditating on the book of Hebrews lately. I am being so blessed I wanted to share some prayers from this great letter. Maybe it will help someone else out there to pray these things as well. For me this letter fits well with Christmas. The writer of Hebrews explains who Jesus really is and how He fulfilled all of the Old Testament. Jesus was born to become my Great High Priest, forever.  Here is my prayer:

Good morning Lord. I want to regroup. What do I really need to get done for Christmas? What do you really want me to do? I want to remember to keep it simple and worship You this Christmas. I am reading through Hebrews again this morning just for a quick review and reset of my mind. Last night I got way too tired. I was feeling pressed by stuff to get done. I got discouraged and shrunk back into some sinful patterns. I am sorry.  I really need your help with patience and love.  I need your help to overcome evil with good. Help me not to neglect my salvation. Help me to do better and to walk more worthy of Your great love. You see everything! You hear my bad words. Help me do better with people; transform me by Your grace. You are my great high priest! You sympathize with my weaknesses. Help me Lord. I am drawing near with confidence to Your throne of grace. I need your mercy. I will find Your grace to help me in time of need. GHM. God help me. Please help me God to learn obedience to You through the stuff I am suffering with my pain, illnesses, relationship issues, etc. You are my perfect High Priest Jesus. You live to make intercession for me. I need your prayers and your empowerment to stop my specific sins.  To stop swearing when I don’t get what I want but instead to instinctively pray GHM-God help me in my times of need. To stop returning evil with evil. Teach me to remain silent. Teach me to remember that unbelievers around me are lost in the darkness.  Keep maturing me Lord. Don’t let me slide backwards into destruction. I want my life to bring glory and honor to Your Name more than anything. You are the Mediator of my better covenant. I am a part of this great Christian Church and a daughter of Abraham. I am a part of this New Israel! Help me to act like it. Help me to live as one who has been forgiven so much! Lord, Shane and Shane’s worship music You led me to this last vacation trip have reminded me and shown me Your HOLINESS. You are HOLY and I still have bold direct access to You Father/Jesus/Spirit because of this great new covenant and your mercy to forgive all my iniquities and to remember my sins no more. I am so grateful for this. Help me to be more obedient out of gratitude. When I am mistreated, help me to just pray silently and trust You to avenge and change the situation in Your time and in Your way. Please stop me from being brought down to the mean person’s level. I want to rise above. I want to love. I want to be holy even as You are holy God. I really need your miraculous help to change my evil old sin nature. Oh God, please cleanse my conscience from dead works to serve the living God! I want to serve You! I want to serve You by self-control over my anger. You will appear a second time for my salvation. I am eagerly awaiting Your return Jesus! I will be vindicated! But oh Jesus I don’t want to be embarrassed or ashamed at Your coming. I want to be pleasing to You Lord, bringing glory and honor to Your Name. Every moment, I want to live as if this is the moment You might appear in the sky. I will be judged! By grace not for my sins but for my eternal reward. I want all the reward I can get. Not just for my own selfish motives either, though I do want to enjoy eternity in the fullest way possible. But I want to have the privilege of bringing Honor to Your Great Name. Make it so Lord by Your grace and power. I cannot do it on my own. Thank you for the big long phone call I just had with an important person in my life in which I was able to share this prayer to this point. Thank you for the reminder that my best thought is “God’s will.” What a good word and reminder. Help me to fully surrender to Your best and perfect will in all things Lord. Jesus, you came to do God’s will. Nothing shook your focus. Make it be the same for me. Hebrews 10:14 says You have perfected me for all time! You are sanctifying me! Please God, speed up my personal sanctification process. Give me transforming grace and help me to cooperate more in obedience. Thank you Jesus that You are the one time offering for my sin that will accomplish Your purposes in my life. Help me to hold fast to the confession of my faith in You! Stop my wavering. You are Faithful! Give me love. Good deeds. Every thought, word and deed submitted. Committed to my church. Turn me away from all sin. Oh God make me more and more aware of Your Awesomeness– it is a terrifying thing to fall into Your hands! Turn me from sin! Keep my confidence in You alone. My confidence in You has great reward. Give me more endurance. I am not of those who shrink back to destruction, but I am one of those with faith that will preserve my soul! Help all my loved ones and readers to know and understand this fully. Help every believer in You to realize You will hold them fast and that we will never shrink back by Your grace. Oh increase my faith in You. You reward those who seek You. I am seeking You God more and more each day. Help me seek You more. I do long for Your better heavenly country. Sedona Arizona is just a foretaste of how great the new earth will be. I long for You God, for perfection. It is not wrong to long for this and it will one day be realized. But it is wrong to demand more perfection now–I must be content with the imperfect life I now have on this present earth, remembering it is only temporary. Help me to trust You as much as Abraham did–willing to obey You even to the point of killing his only son at Your command because he knew and believed that You would fulfill your promise through Isaac, even if you had to raise Isaac from the dead to do so.  Abraham understood and had faith despite his terrible paradox He was given. Help me to trust You in this way, even when human fallible thinking makes you seem unfair not to save everyone. Help me to fully trust Your plan of salvation. Help me to trust You with all my loved ones, whether they are elected for salvation or not. Help me to keep the faith in the future I have despite seeing so little progress or good outcomes at present. I may never receive what I want in this life, but I will for sure in the next. Help me to lay aside every encumbrance in my life that is stopping me from following You in obedience. Rescue me from the continued sin that entangles me. Help me run the race You have put me on with endurance. Help me to stop questioning my race—my path in life, realizing You have ordained it. Keep my eyes constantly fixed on You Jesus. You are the author and perfecter of my faith. Make my faith more and more perfect each day. Thank you Jesus for the obedience You had to Your Father to go to the cross. Oh how you despised the shame. Help me to see the joy set before me the way You did. Help me to always remember Your great sacrifice and to really consider it and help it to motivate me to better obedience, better service, better thoughts, words and deeds. Help me to not grow weary. Help me to serve You in the strength that You provide. Give me more strength to serve please. Help me to rest when You say rest. Help me to endure and learn from Your discipline. Bring it on–discipline me however is necessary so I can bring honor to Your Name. Thank You that You only discipline me for my good. Help me to share in Your holiness. I want to be more holy even as You are holy. Help me see the peaceful fruit of righteousness which will come from having been trained up by Your good discipline. Help me to be strengthened. Keep me pursuing peace with everyone, especially those who are closest to me in my everyday life. Remove all bitterness from my heart. Help me to forgive others as You have forgiven me.  Thank you that I am coming to You as the powerful, approachable “Mount Zion” God, because of Jesus. Thank you for the bold confidence that I have to come before You. Thank you for being my Mediator and for making my confidence and peace with God possible Jesus. Oh God You are a consuming fire! Help me to obey You out of gratitude. Help me give you acceptable service. Thank you that Your Kingdom cannot be shaken. My eternal reward cannot be shaken. My salvation cannot be shaken. Your purposes for my life cannot be shaken. Equip me Lord with every good thing to do Your will and to be pleasing in Your sight. I cannot do this unless You provide the grace and help in time of need. I am asking for it. I intend to cooperate in obedience with You helping me. Help me with practicing hospitality, sharing, obeying my leaders, and all the other good commands and reminders that are given in Hebrews 13. Help me to persist in prayer for myself and for others. Make me an intercessor. Remind me to often express my love, praise and gratitude to you God/Jesus/Spirit. I am so blessed! Why have you called me out of darkness into Your marvelous light? How do you want me to live TODAY in light of this great calling. At Christmas season and every single day You grant me breath.  Show me how to best use my time. Oh Jesus, may Your grace and peace be with me and with all my local church and with all Your universal church around the globe. Please use this humble prayer to model prayer to others and to help others pray these things. Please cause readers to sense Your call to them and to realize their sin and need for You Jesus as Savior and Lord. Help them to understand the true meaning of Christmas and Emmanuel– God is with us.  Glory to God in the Highest and on earth, peace, good will to all mankind.

One thought on “Hebrews Prayers

  1. 12/22/19: I am commenting on my own blog post. Last night I had another failure/sin. Christmas depression is trying to creep in. The imperfections of my life and relationships are magnified at Christmas season which is supposed to be so “perfect and wonderful….” I want to give up and hide in shame. I forced myself to read and pray my own Hebrews prayer this morning. It instructs me as if it was written by someone else who is preaching truth to me. Jesus calls me to stay faithful; to repent and press on. But it is very hard. I want to avoid church and avoid taking communion this morning because I am so unworthy. I want to stay stuck in hate and refuse to forgive. But the Holy Spirit won’t let me. Why is God so good to me and so merciful to me a sinner? I hope God will guide this post and comment to someone else out there who struggles with Christmas and general depression over sin and failures. I hope it will help point you to our Great Merciful High Priest King Jesus at Christmas and always. I press on and ask for prayer for transforming grace.


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