The War Effort

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything here. Most of the things on my heart over the last year or so since the Pandemic and political upheaval have occurred were not what God was calling me to write about or publish on. But this has struck me and I do feel God wants me to memorialize this here at this blog. This topic I write about today transcends all others in importance.

Yesterday morning I was sick and tired, as I usually am most every morning.  I decided to let myself veg out a bit instead of trying to be up for a morning worship service time via video. I committed in my heart to listen to my church’s live stream service later when I could pay better attention.  I tuned in instead to a show I’ve been watching, Season 2 of Downton Abbey set in World War I times. I felt a bit torn and unfaithful, but I decided to do my personal worship later when I felt better. God in His mercy, met me where I was yesterday morning. God spoke to my heart and called to me through the TV show. In the show, as WWI hit Great Britain, both the servants and the Lords and higher class were equally hit by the war and all felt an incredible desire and need to be involved in defending king and country against Germany’s evil assaults. It was a top priority to be involved in the war effort and anyone not involved was considered a coward. My Lord Jesus clearly called to me and asked me, what are you doing to take part in My war effort? There is an invisible spiritual war going on every day among us in the heavenlies. Since I am a Christ believer and follower, I am called to be taking part in His war effort, the gospel. Have I lost my commitment? What am I really doing? I need to self-evaluate this. Souls are dying! Souls are entering eternity without their Savior. Very real enemies, the devil, the world, and people’s own sinful flesh are blocking them from salvation. Death is a great and formidable enemy for human souls. But Jesus has defeated death and will give resurrection and eternal life for all who will believe in Jesus. I cannot force anyone to listen, but I must remain faithful to be involved in the proclamation of the gospel and of my Beautiful Savior’s excellencies. It is truly the main call of my life. Oh God, please help me to be more faithful. Help me to be more fruitful. Help me to define exactly how You want me involved in Your great war effort and what my role is to play. I realize You don’t need me to effect Your Sovereign will. But I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to serve. I don’t want to be a coward, or lazy, or distracted, or disinterested, or ashamed of the gospel. Show me how to live for You Christ Jesus, no matter what other people may think of me. Yes, I am greatly limited by my annoying and troubling health issues. There are specific issues that are too much information to write here, but You know what I am going through God. You see it all. You understand. You care. You see and understand how these issues block me from signing up to much of anything for You. Show me how to press on and persevere despite these issues, and to never give up. Every little choice I make matters. Every little card I send, or prayer I lift for a fellow believer, or for an unbeliever’s salvation, every kindness to a child, every little way I can serve You–Lord Jesus it all matters. I believe You will reward me in my eternal life on the New Earth in a righteous and just way for every good work I am able to do by Your grace. I hope and pray with all my heart Lord Jesus that You might see fit to use some of my bumbling, small efforts for Your gospel, which is also my gospel.  It was the Apostle Paul’s gospel. It is my Pastor’s and my local church’s gospel. It will be the true gospel of good news forever and ever. It is the best thing I could ever invest in.  So I am praying for more grace, more commitment, more consistency. Help me walk worthy dear Jesus. Help all Your universal church around the world to really rally and walk more worthy. Equip us by Your grace. Magnify and empower Your gospel for the good of You dear Jesus and Your Kingdom. Help Christians across America and around the world to unite in fighting faithfully and fearlessly for our true King and Eternal Country.

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