I like to write and often feel compelled to write.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ and desire to share the good news of the gospel and my love for God and hope for eternity with others.  I also like to write about and share other random things.  I struggle with health issues and low energy and sickness much of the time, which is slowing down my blogging efforts, but I will post from time to time.  I am a retired former legal assistant / piano teacher / mother-homemaker.  I consider myself a volunteer for Jesus now, not “retired”, and I do what I can with my health limitations.  I hope you will consider reading my blog posts and I pray God will use them for His glory as He wills.  If even one person is somehow encouraged or helped by my writing, it will be worth the effort.  And a great hope of mine is that my grandchildren and future generations might read my posts and come to know their grandmother/ancestor a little.  I wish I had my grandmothers’ blogs to read.

If you wish to be in touch, please contact me.  You can find me on Facebook.  I appreciate getting comments posted on my blog posts, and if you leave me a note advising me, I will accept contacts via Facebook Messenger.  Those friends who know me also know how to get in touch.  (Hint: I love phone calls.)  For those who take the time to read my posts, I am grateful and hope you find some encouragement there.