Contemplating Resolutions – 2023

New Years Day is a day I pause to self-evaluate, review the past year, and set resolutions and a theme for the new year. This year is no exception. But I am also pausing to contemplate resolution making generally. Is it wise? Is it realistic? Will I persevere and take my own resolves seriously? What … Continue reading Contemplating Resolutions – 2023

Just venting again (sigh.)

Just venting. Sigh. Sjogren's Syndrome + Hashimoto's Thyroiditis + Dysautonomia/Autonomic Nerve Damage + Bipolar Disorder II + Interstitial Cystitis + IBS / SIBO + Histamine Intolerance / possible Mast Cell Activation Syndrome + Structural body damages + who knows what else = pretty hard to bear sometimes. Acute insomnia 2 nights in a row (Bipolar … Continue reading Just venting again (sigh.)

A tale of three pregnancies and one healing soul.

At age 18, I left my childhood church thinking there must be something wrong with me and I could not be a Christian even though I wanted to. That is a long story, and one you can read at my earlier post about my personal testimony if you are interested. At age 20 I got … Continue reading A tale of three pregnancies and one healing soul.