Some lessons I’m learning about Christmas.

I wrote this article below last year after Christmas (12/27/17).  I still feel very much the same about Christmas this year as I write this on 12/3/18.  This year, I've again attacked decorating my house for Jesus early, right after Thanksgiving, but this time I have done it in small stages, involving my granddaughters in … Continue reading Some lessons I’m learning about Christmas.

Happiness by Alcorn (A Personal Review)

Warning, this post is about 1600 words long -- you may want to relax and get a nice beverage when you have time to ponder this. A friend loaned me Happiness by Randy Alcorn.  I gave it a light read. It's a very worthwhile book.  I'm preparing this "review" and summary mainly for my own … Continue reading Happiness by Alcorn (A Personal Review)