Bears Repeating

I have not been well enough to write any new posts for a while, though many ideas often swirl through my mind.  I thought this post might be good to repeat today and I hope it encourages someone.  It encouraged me as I re-read it this morning while I was shuffling through and trying to … Continue reading Bears Repeating

Happiness by Alcorn (A Personal Review)

Warning, this post is about 1600 words long -- you may want to relax and get a nice beverage when you have time to ponder this. A friend loaned me Happiness by Randy Alcorn.  I gave it a light read. It's a very worthwhile book.  I'm preparing this "review" and summary mainly for my own … Continue reading Happiness by Alcorn (A Personal Review)

Reasons to Live With Happiness and Joy

As part of my focus on cooperating with God for my practical obedience of God, I have been studying and meditating on Biblical joy/emotional happiness.  Studying it, thinking about it, and asking God for joy, is helping me hold all my thoughts captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ which is increasing my emotional joy … Continue reading Reasons to Live With Happiness and Joy