Contemplating Resolutions – 2023

New Years Day is a day I pause to self-evaluate, review the past year, and set resolutions and a theme for the new year. This year is no exception. But I am also pausing to contemplate resolution making generally. Is it wise? Is it realistic? Will I persevere and take my own resolves seriously? What … Continue reading Contemplating Resolutions – 2023

Rejoicing in Christ

One theme I write about often is understanding and embracing my progressive sanctification in Christ, being transparent about my sinfulness in my old flesh and about my frustrations with my slow progress in Christ. Today I turn the coin to the other side, and I want to write about my rejoicing in and praising God … Continue reading Rejoicing in Christ

A New Understanding-Indwelling Sin

As many of my blog posts have said, I am pondering the topic of Progressive Sanctification. Once a person believes in Jesus and receives the free gift of their salvation, receives forgiveness of all their sins, they are justified and seen by God as just as righteous as Jesus Christ.  But what about learning to … Continue reading A New Understanding-Indwelling Sin